Monday, 18 July 2016 by Stuart Packington

The Annual General Meeting of Randwick Bridge Club will be held on Saturday 30 July at 12:45pm (and NOT 1:00pm as previously announced) in the Senior Citizens' Centre, Alma Road, Maroubra.

Please be in your seats by 12:40pm at the very latest so that the AGM can start on time and (hopefully) be finished by 1:30pm thus allowing us to enjoy a full session of bridge after the meeting. A copy of the Agenda is reproduced below followed by a Financial Statement to 30 June 2016.

All members of the Club Committee are standing for re-election with the exception of our President, Terry Wright. Please forward any nominations for Committee Membership for 2016/2017 to either Roy Rigotti, the Hon Treasurer or myself. Nominations will also be accepted on the day.

Please make an effort to be there as the RBC is YOUR club and your views count. The Committee wants to hear your opinions on the present management of the Club and is eager to hear any suggestions you may have for improvement. 

So please come along even if you are unable to stay and play afterwards because this is the main opportunity we have in the year to get together and make decisions on the Club's future.

I hope very much to see you all there.


Stuart Packington

Club Director and Vice-President.



Randwick Bridge Club

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 30th July 2016 at 12.45 pm.



1.      1.  Attendance, Proxies and Apologies.

2.      2.  Minutes of previous AGM held on 23rd May 2015.

3.      3.  President’s Report.

4.      4.  Treasurer’s Report.

5.      5.  Director’s Report.

6.      6.  Election of Office Bearers


a.      President

b.      Vice President

c.       Secretary

d.      Treasurer

e.      Committee Members (up to 3)


7.      7.  Motions on notice.


a.   Motion confirming Annual Membership remains at $30 per year.


b.     Motion to set the amount of Table Money required to cover the additional cost of the payment of rent to Randwick City Council.


c.   Motion confirming the Authority to Sign cheques and activate bank withdrawals by the Treasurer, President or Secretary – any one to sign.


8.      8.  Other General Business.