RBC Calendar of Events 2017


We have been allocated 11 Red Point events during 1917. They will take place on the following dates:

February - Saturday 4th and Wednesday 8th

April - Saturday 8th and Wednesday 12th

May - Saturday 13th and Wednesday 17th

July - Saturday 8th and Wednesday 12th

August - Saturday 5th

October - Saturday 7th and Wednesday 11th



This monthly competition, for which Red Points are eventually awarded to those who score over 50%, usually takes place on the first Saturday of the month. An alternative date has been selected in case of necessity.


Preferred Date                          Substitute Date

January - Saturday 7th                  Saturday 21st

February - Saturday 4th                Saturday 18th

March - Saturday 4th                    Saturday 18th

April - Saturday 1st                      Saturday 22nd

May - Saturday 6th                       Saturday 20th

June - Saturday 3rd                      Saturday 17th

July - Saturday 1st                       Saturday 15th

August - Saturday 5th                   Saturday 19th

September - Saturday 2nd             Saturday 16th

October - Saturday 7th                  Saturday 21st

November - Saturday 4th               Saturday  18th

December - Saturday 2nd               Saturday 17th



Red Points are issued by the ABF for this event. Qualifying will be played over three sessions. A replacement is allowed but not during qualifying.

Saturday 18th March                                    Club Qualifying Round 1

Saturday 25th March                                    Club Qualifying Round 2

Saturday 1st April                                        Club Qualifying Round 3


NSWBA State Mixed Pairs Championship

Saturday 22nd April                                      Qualifying

Sunday   23rd April                                       Finals


Wednesday 13 April                                     Red Point Event


Saturday 6th May                               BRIDGE FOR BRAINS 

Saturday 13th May                                        Red Point Event

Wednesday 17th May                                     Red Point Event


Saturday 8th July                                        Red Point Event 

Wednesday 12th July                                   Red Point Event

Saturday 29th July                                  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING


Saturday 5th August                                   Red Point Event



Saturday 12th August                                 Club Qualifying Round 1

Saturday 19th August                                 Club Qualifying Round 2

Saturday 26th August                                 Club Qualifying Round 3

These are Red Point events issued by the ABF. The event has to be run over a maximum of three (3) sessions. A replacement is allowed but not during qualifying.

NSWBA State Open Pairs Championship

Saturday 18th November                              Qualifying

Sunday   19th November                               Finals

The following two events are Green (D Wt 2.0) Point sessions with best three results out of four counting. Outright Masterpoints are also awarded at the end of the session.


Saturday 9th September                                 Round 1

Saturday 16th September                               Round 2

Saturday 23rd September                               Round 3

Saturday 30th September                               Round 4


 Saturday 7th October                                  Red Point Event

Wednesday 11th October                              Red Point Event 




Saturday 4th November                             Round 1

Saturday 11th November                           Round 2

Wednesday 18th November                        Round 3

Saturday 25th November                           Round 4 

This is a Gr1een Point D (2.0 Weight0 with best 3 results. Outright Masterpoints are also issued at the end of the session.



Saturday 16th December                          Christmas Party - starting at 1pm





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